1. Portraits For Kids
    Portraits For Kids
  2. Caricatures
  3. Couple's Portraits
    Couple's Portraits
  4. Watercolor/ Marker Commissions
    Watercolor/ Marker Commissions

 "A lot of times people think their first project has to be this epic thing that's gotta change the World. F@*k that. Move on to the next one. Learn to let stuff go.​"
- Advice given to me from one of my favorite artists, Khary Randolph

Hello and Welcome!

  1. Caricatures
    Etchnman has spent several years drawing people's faces and giving them the cartoon-like treatment. He started his career as a caricature artist in a Zoo in North Carolina and has been making people look goofier ever since. Occasionally he does caricatures with an art company at Carowinds.
  2. Love For Pop Culture
    Etchnman entered the comic con circuit as an artist after a local comic book store owner showed appreciation for his work. Through pieces centered around a love for pop culture, Etchnman began to connect with fans via something he had also cherished: nostalgia. With over 200 finished pieces in his inventory, Etchnman has created a large gallery of fan art and various pop culture related merchandise.
  3. Open For Commissions!!
    Whether it's a rapid water color painting or a family portrait, Etchnman is open for commissions. Currently working in digital, pastel, charcoal and water color mediums, Etchnman offers a variety of styles to complete your requests!
  4. A Desire To Learn, A Desire To Teach
    Etchnman currently works as an Art Instructor at Holt School Of Fine Art. He also offers private lessons and tutorials to help teach the fundamentals of illustration and becoming a digital artist.
  5. Reckless Is He
    Reckless Is He A webcomic written and illustrated by Etchnman, hosted on Webtoon.com. New episodes posted bi-weekly!! https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/reckless-is-he/list?title_no=219696